If You are travelling and wish to be insured for longer than the original period shown on Your original Certificate of Insurance, You need to purchase a new policy by contacting us prior to the expiry date. It is not an extension of the previous policy. Your Certificate of Insurance will be adjusted with the new dates.

Please note:

  • Should a medical condition present itself before the new policy is issued, it may be considered an Existing Medical Condition under a new policy. Therefore it may not be covered by the new policy. Restrictions on the duration of the new policy may apply. For example, the maximum overall period for Worldwide cover is 12 months in total.
  • If You can’t return Home on Your original date due to an unforeseeable circumstance outside Your control, the policy will automatically extend.

Free extension of insurance
Where Your Journey is necessarily extended due to an unforeseeable circumstance outside Your control, Your Period of Insurance will be extended until You are physically able to travel Home by the quickest and most direct route. The Period of Insurance will not be extended for any other reason.