The excess is the first amount of a claim that We will not pay for. It is deducted from Your claim if it is approved by Us. The policy excess will be applied after all other limits, sub-limits and other deductions (such as depreciation) have been applied.

The excess applies per event i.e. If You fall over and need medical treatment, and smashed Your smart phone in the fall, the excess will be deducted once.

Claim example:
You have a $250 excess on Your policy. If You made a claim for $2,500: Overseas Medical and Dental (including emergency repatriation/
evacuation), You already paid the expenses and We approve Your claim, We would deduct the $250 excess from the claim before We paid You. If, via Our emergency assistance team, We approved a claim directly with an overseas medical provider, We may ask You to pay the $250 excess directly to the provider at the time or request You to pay it to Us before We can finalise Your claim with the provider. In any event, the total claim We pay is $2,250.

The excess, if applicable, applies to any claim arising from a separate event where relevant. The excess is the amount shown on Your
Certificate of Insurance. An additional or higher excess may apply in certain circumstances.

Please see the Product Disclosure Statement for more information.