If you have taken out Kogan Comprehensive Car Insurance, and if your car has been assessed as a total loss, it will be replaced with a new car of the same make, model or series, when readily and locally available if you car meets these conditions:

  • it was registered less than 3 years before the incident;
  • its owner acquired it new or as a demonstrator model;
  • it has been driven less than 60,000km; and
  • if it is financed, the financier agrees with your car being replaced.

If a new replacement car is not available, your car will be replaced with a new car that is of a similar make and model. The new car will have the same or equivalent factory-fitted and legal aftermarket accessories and modifications that your car had.

If you cannot agree on the replacement car or you choose not to accept it, you’ll be paid the agreed value or market value, as shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

When your car is replaced, the initial stamp duty and registration fees will be paid for, but not compulsory third party insurance if this is sold separately when your car was last registered. Any extended warranty for the new car will not be paid for or transferred to.

Before your car is replaced, you must pay:

  • any excesses that apply to your claim;
  • any remaining premium instalments for the period of insurance in which the incident occurred; and
  • the value of your car in its damaged state only if it has been agreed that you can keep it.