Can I change the level of cover of insurance at any time?

We like to provide you with the flexibility to change your cover, therefore, if your change is agreed to, you can update your cover during the period of insurance. Please call 1300 034 888 as soon as reasonably possible as changes to your cover will be effective from the time you tell us of this [...]


What are After Market Extras?

After market extras are accessories that are added to your car but do not come standard on the car. They are not offered as an option on the car when purchased new from a dealership.


Does Kogan car insurance cover learner drivers?

Yes! If you’re a learner driver, Kogan car insurance policies will cover you as long as: you’re accompanied by a fully licensed driver you have a current Learner Drivers Licence, Learners Permit or the equivalent for the state or territory where you live. An additional excess may apply in the event of a claim if [...]


Am I covered for new car replacement?

If you have taken out Kogan Comprehensive Car Insurance, and if your car has been assessed as a total loss, it will be replaced with a new car of the same make, model or series, when readily and locally available if you car meets these conditions: it was registered less than 3 years before the [...]


Are there any optional benefits I can add to my car insurance?

If you select Kogan Comprehensive Car Insurance, you can add the following optional benefits (note that each of these optional benefits attract an additional premium): Hire Car - Extra 'No Excess' Windscreen Choice of Repairer. You can choose the optional benefits that you would like to add to your Kogan Comprehensive Car Insurance policy when [...]


What is ‘market value’?

The reasonable market-related value that we determine the market would pay for your car immediately before its loss or damage. We take into account the age, make, model, conditions and kilometres travelled by your car and may consider industry publications to help determine the amount. The amount does not include any registration costs, stamp duty [...]

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