Do I have to pay an excess if the accident/incident is not my fault?

You may not need to pay an excess if: you are not at fault and you can provide us with the details of the responsible party such as the name and address of the other driver/owner of the other car and registration number your claim is only under the standard feature 'No excess' windscreen repair [...]


Are there any additional excesses for car insurance?

Yes, there are. Your basic excess will apply as the first payable amount (excess) at the time of a claim. Depending on the circumstances of the incident and who the driver was at the time, the following excesses may also be applicable: Age excess Inexperienced driver excess Learner driver excess Undeclared young driver excess If [...]


How does the excess amount affect the premium I pay?

In most cases, the excess is the amount you contribute towards a claim, therefore, if you are willing to contribute a higher Basic Excess at the time of a claim, you will have a lower premium during the policy period. A lower Basic Excess would mean you would pay a higher premium. Be sure to [...]


When will I need to pay an excess?

In the event of a claim and you are required to pay an excess(es), then we will ask you to pay: your excess(es) to the repairer when you pick up your car; or directly to us before you pick up your car or we settle a claim on our behalf; or we may deduct your [...]


What is a car insurance excess?

An excess is the amount you need to pay if you make a claim on your Kogan Car Insurance policy. Many insurance policies have either a voluntary excess or a standard excess. A standard excess means it applies to every claim. A voluntary excess can be chosen by customers and it may help to bring [...]

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