How do I know how much I should insure my building for?

When considering the sum insured for your buildings, this amount should cover the full cost to rebuild your rental property including the cost of fixtures such as carports, fences and inground pools. It should also include costs such as demolition and clearing debris from the land in the event of a total loss, however, the [...]


Do I need to know the measurements for the building?

No, you do not need to know the exact measurements of the building. Some examples of the things you’ll need to know are: The address and age of the building, The construction materials the external walls and roof are made from (for example, brick veneer, double brick, timber, cement tiles), and Property details such as [...]


Why don’t you offer an ‘unlimited’ building sum insured?

Kogan Insurance lets you choose your own sum insured for your buildings insurance. This way, you can choose the amount you’ll need to replace your buildings if you suffer a total loss. By nominating an adequate amount, you may become eligible for the Buildings Sum Insured Safeguard benefit. With this benefit, if you need to [...]


Are my fences covered?

If you have buildings cover, fences are protected against insured events such as fire, collision and a falling tree or branch. However, some limits, conditions and exclusions can apply, for example, damage caused by storm, storm surge, rain, hail or flood if the fences were in a poor or damaged condition before the incident, or [...]

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