How can I pay for my Landlords Insurance policy?

You can pay annually or in instalments by direct debit from a credit card or bank account whereby an automatic payment schedule will be set up for you. If these options don’t suit you, you also have the option to pay your premium annually via BPay, Post Bill Pay, Online, Phone and Paypal.


How do I renew my Landlords Insurance policy?

If you’re invited to renew your policy, you’ll receive the renewal invitation at least 14 days before your renewal date which will outline what you need to do for the policy to continue. You should check your renewal invitation carefully and contact 1300 034 888 if you need to make any changes to your policy or [...]


Can I delay my monthly insurance payment?

We are unable to delay payments, however, if one of your payments is unsuccessful, you have 30 days from your payment due date to make the payment before your policy is cancelled. If your policy is being renewed and your payment is unsuccessful, you will have 14 days from your payment due date to make [...]


Can I pay my premium fortnightly?

No, fortnightly payments are not available for any Kogan insurance policies, but you can choose between monthly and annual payment options. You can pay less if you choose to pay annually.

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