Can I change my insurance at any time?

Call 1300 034 888 to update your cover, if your change is agreed to, it will be reflected on your Certificate of Insurance. Call as soon as reasonably possible, as changes to your policy can impact your premium, excesses, or whether your insurance can continue. Changes can’t be backdated, so they will be effective from [...]

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What is an excess?

An excess is the amount(s) of money you pay or must contribute towards the cost of any claim. All excess amounts relevant to your cover will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance. When you take out home insurance with Kogan Insurance, you can nominate the level of excess you want. Generally, the higher the excess you [...]

How do I know how much to insure my contents for? I don’t know how much they would cost to replace.

You can use a Contents Calculator to help determine an estimated replacement cost for your contents. Your contents sum insured should include the cost to replace items such as your carpet, blinds, curtains, personal items, furniture and household goods. Items of value which can be individually listed on your Certificate of Insurance such as jewellery or artworks [...]

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