How do I know how much to insure my contents for? I don’t know how much they would cost to replace.

You can use a Contents Calculator to help determine an estimated replacement cost for your contents. Your contents sum insured should include the cost to replace items such as your carpet, blinds, curtains, personal items, furniture and household goods. Items of value which can be individually listed on your Certificate of Insurance such as jewellery or artworks [...]

Is my mobile phone covered inside the home if it is damaged or stolen?

Cover is provided for your personal belongings inside the home for insured events such as theft, fire and storm. If you have the Accidental Damage option and your mobile phone was accidentally damaged inside the home then this can also be covered. If your phone was stolen from the home, you would need to provide a Police [...]

Are my fences covered?

If you have buildings cover, fences are protected against insured events such as fire, collision and a falling tree or branch. However, some limits, conditions and exclusions can apply, for example, damage caused by storm, storm surge, rain, hail or flood if the fences were in a poor or damaged condition before the incident, or [...]

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