Can I change my insurance at any time?

Call 1300 034 888 to update your cover, if your change is agreed to, it will be reflected on your Certificate of Insurance. Call as soon as reasonably possible, as changes to your policy can impact your premium, excesses, or whether your insurance can continue. Changes can’t be backdated, so they will be effective from [...]

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Assisting you if you’re experiencing domestic or family violence

We understand that there are times when our customers may be feeling vulnerable, and we appreciate this can take on many forms such as language barriers, financial hardship, and issues and difficulties arising from family and domestic violence. In these situations, we are committed to providing extra care. Call 1300 034 888.

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Are my fences covered?

If you have buildings cover, fences are protected against insured events such as fire, collision and a falling tree or branch. However, some limits, conditions and exclusions can apply, for example, damage caused by storm, storm surge, rain, hail or flood if the fences were in a poor or damaged condition before the incident, or [...]

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